Katy League

The Katy League was a short-lived baseball league in the early 20th Century. Cushing, Jennings, Yale, and Cleveland formed the league in late June 1909. Joe Slaybuagh was elected league president, he would also serve as the manager for the Yale club, and G.A. Goodwine was named league secretary.

The Exponent (Ralston, OK) July 3, 1909

Katy was the nickname given to the MK&T Railroad. The company was based in Dallas but it’s rail network covered much of eastern Oklahoma, including Payne and Pawnee Counties.

Maramec Captain - Monitor. (Maramec, OK) August 13, 1909

There’s not a whole lot written about the Katy League or its teams. We know that Guy “Lucky” Martin was the “crackajack” centerfielder for Yale and Harry Erisman also pitched for Yale. It’s most likely the clubs were a mix of amateur and paid players. It was common for teams this low on the minor league circuit to bring in and pay a couple of players while filling out the rest of the team with ballplayers from the surrounding area.

Payne County Farmer. (Yale, OK) July 14, 1909

Cushing claimed the league title with the Cushing Independent saying this about the hometown team, “The Cushing base ball team won the penent (sic) and maintained their self respect also. Yale lost both. There is a great deal of satisfaction to the people of Cushing in the fact that our boys and their supporters did not stoop to a dishonorable act during the season, while the glory of being first in the “Katy” League is not minumized (sic).” - Cushing Independent September 16, 1909.

There’s no reference to the Katy League in 1910. I did find a few articles mentioning the KATY League in 1911 and 1916 but it looks like it was only around for that 1909 season.

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