Hotel Fox- Tulsa

The Hotel Fox is one of Tulsa’s most iconic and historic buildings. The red brick building has stood at the corner of N. Main St. and Reconciliation Way (North 2nd St in 1906) in the Tulsa Arts District for more than a century.

Edmond L. Fox bought the land at that intersection in March of 1906 from Dr. C.L. Reeder. Dr. Reeder owned a home on the property that also served as the place where he practiced medicine. 

Edmond Fox was originally from Lexington, OK. He moved to Tulsa in 1904 when he bought a grocery store and meat market.

The article below says, “ The building will be 50x100 feet with a foundation sufficient to support a third story. It will be modern in every respect and will be divided into two store rooms below, with officie (sic) and living rooms above. This is a good move for the improvement of the north side.” Tulsa Democrat March 16, 1906.

Tulsa Democrat March 16, 1906

Of course, Mr. Fox would eventually construct the building we’re familiar with today. We know that in 1917 rooms were $7 a night which is equal to $138 today!!

Tulsa Daily World January 12, 1917

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Today the Hotel Fox building is home to The Tavern and part of a vibrant and growing district near downtown. We encourage you to pay the Tulsa Arts District a visit and see the historic building for yourself. We’re excited to celebrate this part of Oklahoma history with one of our vintage shirts. Please click here to order yours today.

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