Three Sands Clothing is all about Oklahoma history. My wife and I started this company because we love researching history and sharing the amazing stories that we find. Oh, and then there's the baseball thing. I love the sport. I grew up playing it as often as I could, sometimes by myself throwing a tennis ball off the garage door (sorry about the scuff marks mom) so I could practice my fielding and quick release.

As I got older I started looking for shirts or hats of obscure minor league baseball teams. I mean, anyone could get an Oklahoma City 89ers shirt but I wanted something from a team that very few people had even heard of like the Brockton Shoemakers or something.

I found a a lot of shirts from teams across the United States but I rarely found a team from Oklahoma. So I had a thought, why not do it myself and Three Sands Clothing was born.

You're probably wondering about the name and where we got it. Three Sands is now a ghost town but in the 20s and 30s it was the quintessential Oklahoma boom town. It sprang to life when oil was found south of Tonkawa on the Noble/Kay County line. Wildcatters and oil field workers flocked to the quickly growing town. My grandfather was one of those oil field workers. He moved to Three Sands and started a family, eventually my father was born and grew up in a small shotgun house in a compound full of workers and their families.

So our name is a tribute to my grandfather, father, and all of the men and women who toiled in the fields (whether oil or the praire) to make Oklahoma what it is today.

We hope you enjoy our vintage shirts and hats, as well as the stories we share. This is a labor of love for us, so if you have any ideas for a vintage design, corrections on a blog post, or just want to share an historic story or two please send us an email to


All the best and keep swinging for the fence,

Dan Bewley



That's me on the right with my father sometime in the 1970s.